Strange things are taking place in this world. Certain events like natural disasters and terrorist acts are highly publicized yet other events remain hidden and widely unknown. These underground currents invisible for the public eye play a decisive role in the changes our world undergoes.


I was exposed to some of the "underground" secrets. The circumstances of my life unveiled for me the existence of a secret society "Dark onto Light." I have witnessed some of the rituals of this cult and was flabbergasted by other information I have discovered.  I never imagined these things could exist.  I've started my research which resulted in two screenplays "Notes From The New World" and "Shades of Blood." This was my first attempt at writing screenplays.  I always wanted to be a writer but was obliged to satisfy my parents" inclinations as a computer engineer. So I became one, got a nice job and hated it. Once I started my research I couldn't stop. I was determined to find out the truth although I don't know if my curiosity will be satisfied before I die. As a matter of fact, I was threatened to stop my research. I've decided to publish the initial chapters of my research on the web. If the threats come to fruition I hope somebody will continue what I have started. I'm not a scholar, however, the information that I've gathered in relation to the history of the cult is correct to the best of my knowledge.



                                                                                                                    Robert William Hurley


The Cult


Dark Onto Light - (Темный На Свет) --DL-- est. 1900 B.C. (Symbol shown below)




                                                    SKETCHES BY  ROBERT HURLEY                                               WALL CARVING  - 2700 BC



Origin: --Dark onto Light--, as in --good over bad--

Findings point to the beginnings of this sect date back to the Assyrians1].  Dictated by religion, the majority of Assyrians believed in Gods and Goddesses-Annunaki Gods.  Archeologists have found wall carvings inside the ziggurats[2] and cuneiform scripts that tell of the origination of Dark onto Light.  Later, as their literature developed, Aramaic script written on parchment and leather gave more detailed information. Because the religion at this time was paganism, members of Dark onto Light pay respect to two female goddesses Ereshkigal and Aruru, making this sect slightly different.  It was usual for a god and goddess to be worshiped among people of this time.







Cults Creator:  Before the fall of the Assyrian empire, Zulilu, the founder of the Assyrian Monarchy had a vision. One day he was stricken with an intense stomachache, headache and high fever.  As he lay in his bed curled up in a ball thinking this would be his final night, he saw a ball of light enter his room.  The entire room became so bright it nearly blinded him.  Appearing from the ground was a dark figure wearing a horned cape.  The figure said, --Darkness becomes Light-- and told him to follow the --Truth--. Simultaneously, a breath of dark air escaped his mouth taking with it his pain and fever. 


The blinding light that filled his room came together and turned back into a ball and escaped through his window.  He fell asleep and woke up perfectly fine.  He believed that Ereshkigal, the goddess of the underworld had cured him.


Distressed about the invasion of the Persian king Cyrus, he wished he could awaken the Gods to help the people from the takeover and preserve Mother Earth, and keep Aruru, the Goddess of Earth and birth, satisfied.   




     ARURU AS A MONK WEARING CLOAKS                                           PERSIAN KING CYRUS 




Throughout his life, this dark figure appeared to him for a total of seven times, each time revealing something new.  These became creeds to follow.



1.    Through the Dark will Light be achieved.

2.    Blood is the lifeline and is sacred. 

3.    Immortality is given to the true believers of the dark.

4.    To find true enlightenment, Women, the givers of life, must be sacrificed. 

5.    Gather others and unite as One.

6.    Praise the gods and as Them you will be.

7.    Obtain freedom from the material world and fight for liberty.    


·       The Dark, where spirits are found, is truth.  Light, refers to that which is physical, is a lie.    

·       During rituals, blood is exchanged and drank, uniting and connecting members. Sharing blood is sharing life.

·       The members of  -Dark onto Light- believed they will become mortal vampires.

·       Paying homage to goddess Aruru, the creator of man and woman.  By sacrificing women, they were making themselves receptive to

     Aruru, and be able to cross into a new consciousness.

·       Recruitment was important and during initiation, they would carve the 5-point star into the right side of the chest.  

·       They believed they had magical powers, the same as the Gods and Goddesses.

·       Their goal was to fight from governmental control and be liberated.  Similarly, this was a fight for freedom of the physical world into the eternal world of souls.


Symbol: Created by Zulilu this 5-point star,[3] as ascribed to Truth.  In the center is an eye which represents the eye into the underworld and a symbol of Ereshkigal[4].  Through the Darkness, Light/Truth will be found.



                                                            SKETCHES BY ROBERT HURLEY                                                                                        WALL CARVING  - 2700 BC



This symbol is carved onto the left part of the chest, over the heart during initiation.



History of the Pentagram:


 The use of the pentagram dates back to 3000BCE in ancient Mesopotamia with a meaning of "heavenly body." Later around 2600 BC, the symbol meant "heavenly quarter or "direction". Even later, it was ascribed to Truth. Throughout history even Christians used to the symbol to represent the five wounds of Jesus Christ. 


Mephistopheles, in Goethes Faust (1808) calls the pentagram a witchs foot as a charm to guard against evil but doesn't determine its alignment:


Mephistopheles: Let me own up! I cannot go away;

                             A little hindrance bids me stay.

                             The witchs foot upon your sill I see.


Faust:   The pentagram? Thats in your way?
              You son of Hell explain to me,
              If that stays you, how came you in today?
              And how was such a spirit so betrayed?


Mephistopheles: Observe it closely! It is not well made;
                            One angle, on the outer side of it,
                            Is just a little open, as you see.




The Masonic pentagram is controversial.  Although it often appears, it isnt mentioned in Masonic rituals or lectures. It doesnt mean that some individual freemasons didnt use it, knowing the history of the pentagram.  Freemasonry has been associated with Pythagoras and among Pythagoreans, the pentagram was a symbol of health and knowledge.


Within occult circles, when the pentagram is flipped upside down with two points facing upwards, it is seen as a symbol for the negative principle.


There is no Biblical authority to claims that Lucifer and Satan are names for the same being. In Revelation, Jesus referred to himself as the bright and morning star (Rev 22:16). In 1263 Pope Clement V commissioned the Franciscan monk, Roger Bacon, to investigate apparent problems arising from this translation. Bacon discovered papers by Jerome where, on his deathbed, the latter recanted the Latin Vulgate translation due to errors caused by haste. Jerome particularly singled out the Isaian translations. Bacons report that "Lucifer" was the Messiah and not the devil earned him incarceration until he recanted.



  Later, a 5-pointed red star used as a symbol of communism.  It represents the five fingers of the workers hand. 




Meanings: By piecing together information, its been gathered that -Light- is a -lie- and is negative. -Dark- is the truth and therefore, is positive. 

What we see with our eyes is the physical world, aided by light. The truth lies in the darkness, in the immortality of the spirits, not in the physical world.   In order to achieve the Truth, one must leave the physical world. Furthermore, blood is used to sacrifice since blood lies in the darkness

within. Also, Aruru used a mixture of clay and blood to create man and woman.  Ereshkigal settles in the underworld, in the darkness.  With her help,

man can be set free and not only overcome the invasion of the Persian king Cyrus (Raman Bet Shimuns, the cults early creator case) but become



Rituals: Sacrificing rituals were held once a month. A prostitute would be lured into their meeting place.  The 5-point star would be drawn out on the ground with chalk.  Men wearing black cloaks with pointed hoods would stand in a circle and chant.  The prostitute would have her clothes stripped off and placed on a plank with her arms and legs tied down and separated.  The 5-star symbol would be branded into her abdomen.  Her wrist would be slit and each member would take a turn drinking her blood.  She would be left to bleed to death. 









Each member would then slice their wrists and spill a few drops into a cauldron, which would be later passed around the circle, and each would taste.  


 - By branding the woman, she would be united with the members in ceremony. As they would taste her sacred blood, the connection would strengthen.  Men believed that drinking women�s blood was a way to achieve immortality.  Rituals were performed to become receptive to the gods and cross into a new consciousness. 


Mycenaean Age:  Members of Dark onto Light spread to other parts of the world in search of others to recruit.  This was proven after Archaeologist Heinrich Schliemann[5] found information that shows the Indo-Europeans who settled in Mycenae[6] were followers of Dark onto Light.


Dionysians (3000 BCE-1000BCE):  The interesting thing about this cult is that it initiated mainly women and promised them resurrection into eternal life-they would become vampires.  During their rituals, they were buried alive in tombs.  It�s one of the longest lasting cults that banded together the most women.   




Interestingly, the Chinese followed a similar cult with views very closely related to Dark onto Light (See also Miklucho Maklai below). 

No connections have been found to link this sect to China, but theres reason to believe they had a very similar one.  In their sect, they

also believed in the spiritual truth of eternity which is hidden in the unseen/Dark.  Like science can prove that 2+2=4 universally,

those in this sect felt that universally the foundation of the sect was exact.  The soul is the way for liberation.


Shang Dynasty: (1766-1050 B.C.) Oracle bones were used during this period for divination. During rituals, wine was offered to the Gods. The wine was placed inside of the vessels.  



                                   ORACLE BONES                                               WINE VESSEL USED DURING RITUALS


King Di Xin: He was the last king to rule the Shang Dynasty.  During the Shang Dynasty, when a king died, hundreds of slaves and prisoners were sacrificed and buried with him.


After studying the bronze weapons they created, its been found that similar tools were used for sacrifice which were also used for Dark onto Light, as with previous civilizations.



KING DIS TOMB                                                                BRONZE WEAPONS



Zhou Dynasty: The Zhou brought their religion with them and they banned human sacrificing and instead focused on Heaven.





Ancient Greece and Changes to the Religion:



It is known Mycenaean religion involved offerings and sacrifices.  This evidence is gathered from findings of bones outside of tombs, although the bones are not of females. 

Gaea[7], the Earth goddess was worshipped prior to the Hellenistic civilization.  Its believed this is why the sacrificing of women was eliminated and instead they were considered sacred.  Its possible men gave up their physical bodies to sacrifice in hopes of immortalizing their souls and achieving Truth of Darkness-the spiritual angelic light of eternity through physical darkness. 



During the Helladic III era,[8] perhaps the most common known creation was the Lion Gate which led up to the palace.  Findings show rituals were held beside the stone gate where the two lions face each other.  Schliemann

discovered scattered bones under the earth surrounding the Lion Gate.  Weather changes over time are a possible reason for the covered remains.  




The fall of Mycenae, but continuation of Dark onto Light: By 1200B.C. the Mycenae power was coming to an end.  This was attributed to the Dorian invasion.  During this time, monks who followed Dark onto Light were excommunicated and most of them were killed.  A few that escaped were able to continue their practice.




                                                                                      A DORIAN


Archimedes of Syracuse: (287 B.C. -212 B.C.) This Greek mathematician, physicist, and engineer was a hugely innovative man during his period.  He is regarded as one of the most important scientists and a few copies of his treatises have survived the Middle Ages.



                                       ARCHIMEDES                                            SCRIPTS WITH SECRETS. USE X-RAY TO DETECT



The pages have been covered by paintings and texts on top of the original writings.  Using X-ray fluorescence technology, researchers have been able to see through the top layers into the underlying text.  Besides his work as the foundation of modern mathematics, researchers have found proof of his ties to an ancient sect-Dark onto Light.




Ancient Rome: Influenced by Greece and Greek gods, Romans were highly religious.  They believed in souls and spirits, and each spirit was responsible for human activities and cosmic affairs.  They referred to their gods as numia, and absorbed hundreds of other religions developing a complex mythology prior to the introduction of Christianity.


Hebrew Scriptures: Written before 300 BC, Satan is described as a divine messenger sent by God to complete his tasks.  In Numbers 22:22 & 32, Balaam saw God in a dream and was told to go with the princess of Moab to meet Balak.  The next morning he sets out to complete his task.  An angel appears but is only seen by the donkey Balaam is riding.  The animal refuses to move and Balaam punishes him by hitting him three times.  The donkey is miraculously able to speak and complains about Balaam�s treatment.  The angel then becomes visible to Balaam and explains he was sent to kill him. 




       BALAAM                                                     JOB 1 AND 2


Job 1 and 2: Satan is one of the members of the court of heaven.  God is impressed by the behavior of Job who has been a blameless and upright man.  Satan attributes his behavior to the good fortune he has and Job would curse God if misfortune would come his way.  To test Job, God asks Satan to destroy everything Job has.  He kills his animals, murders his employees and murders his children.  Job does not curse God.  Then God asks Satan to destroy Jobs health.  Job still does not curse God. 


Elagabalus [9] : (203-222) ruled Rome from 218. until his death.  He was one of the most controversial emperors and showed disregard for religious traditions.  Taking advantage of the increase in sun worship, he set up his god, El-Gabal, later renamed Deus Sol Invictus[9] as the chief deity of the Roman Pantheon. During his reign, controversy arose as he disregarded sexual taboos.  He married and divorced five women and had a relationship with his chariot driver Hierocles.  The emperor referred to this blonde slave as his husband.


The monks saw the contempt the Romans had against the emperor and took this opportunity to spread their hope for a better future through following the Darkness.



Constantine (February 27, 280- May 22, 337 AD) converted his empire to Christianity in hopes of uniting everyone.  The society was ruled by Christian principles.




  ELAGABALUS                                                       CONSTANTINE



 Influence of Christianity: As Christianity came to be, so did the concept of the Devil. Pagan gods were turned into demons and witches were burned at the stake.  It was at this time, that Dark onto Light became a cult that worshiped Satan in order to become heard by God to bring about a better future.  Ereshkigal, the goddess of the underworld, became lost and Satan became the one worshiped.


High Middle Ages: (AD 1000-1300) Monastic reform was an important issue.  It was believed some monks were praying to Satan, Gods messenger, to bring fortune to the virtuous.


History of the Knights Templar:(1100-1300) Although these men were on a crusade to protect Christian pilgrims, many secretly were initiated into Dark onto Light. 




                           KNIGHTS OF TEMPLAR                          TEMPLAR GRAVESTONE, TOMAR, PORTUGAL




 Catharism: This sect was created in opposition of the Catholic Church and protested against the moral, spiritual and political corruption of the church.   Some parallels to Dark onto Light were that they believed the physical world was evil.  They believed that within mankind was a spark of divine light.  This light had fallen into captivity surrounded by a realm of corruption-the physical body and the world.  According to them, the world was created by a lesser deity who was identified with the Old Testament God, but was not the -True God-, although he claimed himself to be the -one and only God-. They thought the Old Testament God of Jews and Christians was an imposter.  His worship was incorporated with failings of the material realm.  The spirit is the vital essence of humanity, but was trapped in a polluted world created by an absolutist God.  Their goal was to liberate themselves from the realm of limitation and corruption that comes from the material world.     


The Roman Church saw them as a threat and the Pope asked for a Crusade against the Cathars.  The town of Beziers saw a massacre with about 20,000 murdered included many women and children.  Prisoners were blinded, dragged behind horses, and used for target practice.  The remainder of the city was burned.  Its firmly believed many followers of Dark onto Light were murdered during this crusade.







Late Middle Ages: (AD 1300-1500)

Black Death (1340s):  This time was a huge blow to the Roman Catholic Church.  People started living for the moment instead of being concerned with spirituality and Heaven.  The church taught that Satan brought about temptation and it became more reason for people to turn to Satan. 


(Saint Augustine (354-430 AD) invented a new type of demon which was a sexual tormentor.  Incubi were male fallen angels who attacked women at night bringing them intense sexual pleasure.  Men were attacked by Succubae who were female fallen angels.  Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) confirmed their existence.  He also believed the devil was the cause of sin and seduced his followers into becoming his subjects.)





Early Modern Period


Witch-hunt era: (1450-1700) Many believers of Dark onto Light were victims of the witch-hunt craze.  During this mass hysteria, the classical ideas of a witch were created-flying on brooms, intercourse with the Devil, and meeting of demons and other witches at Sabbaths.  Because DLs worshipped Satan, they were easy targets.





Johannes Kepler (December 27, 1571-November 15, 1630)


This mathematician, astronomer, and astrologer was dedicated to Dark onto Light.  The irony of his life is that because of his prestige his mother was kept from being burned as a witch, even though it was he who worshipped Satan.


Peter the Great (June 9, 1672-February 8, 1725):




was exposed to some ideas of the Cult through his acquaintances with the some members of the German colony in Moscow.  This brought him to Western Europe where he worked as a simple carpenter in Holland mastering the ship building business. It is obvious that he learned a lot more - establishing some very important connections with the members of the Cult in Western Europe.  After his apprenticeship in the Western Europe Peter decided to establish -a window to the West- by creating from scratch the great city of St. Petersburg in only nine years.   A lot of slave labor was used. Later the unique look of this Northern Palmira was established (an illusion to the beautiful Hellenistic city in former Assyrian territory where the cult was practiced).


The most famous architects from Italy, France, and Germany were invited to create the magnificent palaces of this newly established capital of Russia (some of these masters, like architect Rastrelly apparently were the members of the Cult). The result was a strange city of mirages- wealthy beautiful decorations, false appearances that didnt corresponded at all to the faces and spirits of the traditional Russia. However, without Petersburg we wouldnt have Dostoevsky and the Revolution and other great manifestations of the great discoveries in arts and sciences that Russia gave to the world. The German army during the Second World War established a long lasting blockade around the city. However they never entered it and couldnt break the spirit of its citizens. Still today, members hold regular rituals and meetings, and although the brain center of the cult has long ago moved to Moscow, St. Petersburg is still considered as the spiritual Mecca of Dark onto Light.







Changes to the original symbol:

The five pointed star: is an ancient symbol used in the mystical traditions of all of the great Middle Eastern religions (Judaism, Islam and Christianity) to represent the heretical idea that the sacred inheres in humanity. It was for this reason that Marx and Engels, as radical humanists, were attracted to the symbol. They made it red to signify the blood lost in struggle, and to show that all humans have the same blood (ancestry) regardless of race, sex, or class.  This star was added to the center of the original Assyrian star.






David Strauss: (January 27, 1808 - February 8 1874)



Believed that Jesus- original message was meant for the poor population of society and not the establishment.  The teachings had been usurped by the establishment to oppress them and keep them from rebelling against the rich, by offering them an afterlife if they kept still.  Dark onto Light promises liberation for all, and not contentment with the mundane.  It requires people to worship and call out to Satan so that their voices will be heard. 



Karl Marx: (May 5, 1818 - March 14 1883)



Wrote Communist Manifesto in 1848.  He believed in the proletarian revolution in the West.  As a Young Hegelian, he concluded that religion is ownership of capital, land, money and means of production.  To him, religion was a used to obscure the true basis of establishment power and a crutch for the oppressed proletariat.  But his goal was to show them another way. Marx was a prominent member of Dark Onto Light.



Friedrich Engels: (November 28, 1820 - August 5, 1895)




Co-author of The Communist Manifesto with Carl Marx, member of the sect.  After Marx died, Engels spent much time editing and translating Marxs unpublished works and contributed to other areas, such as the feminist theory.  He explained that men have dominated women, just as the capitalist class has dominated workers.  The feminist theory focused on analyzing gender inequality and promoting womens rights, interests, and issues.  Note: this all ties into liberation for all. Women and men are equal and together through the Darkness, will freedom be achieved. 





Mikhail Alexandrovich Bakunin: (May 18, 1814 - June 19, 1876) - Supreme Priest of Dark Into Light






In Russia, by the mid-19th century, the intelligentsia grew impatient with the slow pace of Tsarist reforms, and sought instead to transform peasant discontent into open revolution. Anarchists like Mikhail Bakunin, one of the leaders of the Dark Onto Light cult of the time,  maintained that progress was impossible without destruction. Their objective was to destruct the state as a false light so that the freedom and liberation of soul could be achieved. Anything that contributed to this goal was regarded as moral. With the development of powerful, stable, and affordable explosives, the gap closed between the firepower of the state and the means available to dissidents. Organized into secret societies like the People's Will, Russian terrorists launched a campaign of terror against the state that climaxed in 1881 when Tsar Alexander II of Russia was assassinated.



Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky: (November, 11 1821-February 9 1881)



He once belonged to the liberal, intellectual group, the Petrashevsky Circle and was arrested for his involvement. He was supposed to be executed - but at the last moment the Tsar changed the sentence.  Dostoevsky met several the members of the sect while in the Siberian camp. Some of the members later joined the revolutionary circles in Russia. Dostoevsky wrote a book about his experience in the camps -Notes from The House of the Dead- however for the obvious reasons he didnït mention the cult in the book. As Dostoevsky grew older, he became very skeptical in regard to his previous revolutionary ideas as well as some principles of the cult  which is expressed in some ironic comments in The Possessed and Notes From The Underground.



The 10th chapter of the first part of Notes from the Underground was censored.  Eliminated from the story was where he deduced the need for faith and Christ.  Here he talks about the Crystal Palace and questions why hes there.


We can also refer here to the famous conversation of Ivan with Satan as well as to Ivans own essays Great Inquisitor about the retelling the second death of Christ in medieval Spain.


Nevertheless, despite his rather ironic approach as an artist to some of the heroes of his prophetic novels propagated the messianic destiny of Russia, as a human being and citizen, Dostoevsky remained a believer in the special mission of Russia in the civilized world.


With all its differences and great suspicions in regard to the West, in the moments of great danger, Russia was always there to help when the civilization was about to be destroyed. The first great cataclysm occurred during the invasion of Changiz Chan.  Russia saved the West a second time from the edge of collapse by destroying the fascist armies during the Second World War. The third Russian sacrifice and gift for the world was the unsuccessful experience of communism confirming the non readiness of the physical world (Light) for the great spiritual ideas (Dark).


Dostoevsky predicted these two attempts to demolish the basic liberties initiated in the West in his famous speech to the crowds during the opening of the monument to poet Pushkin in Moscow. Here we see the clear allusions to some of the principles of the Russian branch of the cult that are well alive in our time among certain circles of the members of the cult (see Modern days)



Nikolai Miklouho-Maclay: (1846-1888)





A Russian explorer, naturalist and ethnographer, whose exploits made him something of a legend during his lifetime is also a member of the sect. In 1871 he settled on the north-eastern coast of New Guinea (now Papua New Guinea) where no white person had been before. He lived among the natives for a long period of time and was fascinated to find the similarity between the basic structures of the worship of one of the local tribes (that was totally extinguished after the New Guinea was divided between Britain and Germany) and the semi graphical inclinations of Dark Onto Light.



Grigory Rasputin: (January 22 1869-December 29, 1916)



 Russian mystic who influenced the later days of Russian Tsar Nicholas II, his wife Tsaritsa Alexandra, and their son Tsarevich Alexei, is a member of the Sect.  Clues lead to the -mad monk- being a member.  Historically, hes recognized as being a womanizer.  Its not entirely clear whether Nicholas II had any ties, but some evidence shows he was.




Felix Dzerzhinsky: (September 11, 1877- July 20, 1926).



Polish Communist revolutionary and famous as the founder of the Bolshevik secret police is a known member of this sect.  Later, Dzerzhinsky was able to recruit other members of KGB. 



Georgy Ivanovich Gyurdzhiev: (January 13, 1872)



Member of Dark onto Light and played a major role in the Russian sect. He has been seen walking out during the late hours of the night wearing dark clothing, hunting for women to sacrifice.  He is a known womanizer and has been said to have a power to lure women to him.  During the day, he was frequently spotted with a woman by his side.  There is no documented death which gives way to the belief that hes immortal- a vampire.       



Russian Communist Party: (1912) Some of the important intellectuals and members of the sect joined the party and believed to have played an important role in the revolution.  Several leaders believed that the Humanitys dream about Freedom could be achieved via the military. It was a struggle for Human rights. -The proletariat has nothing to lose except its chains-( Manifesto by Marx and Engels). They believed in talking to God through the Devil. This implies at the first stage the destruction of all official religions and temples of worship because they propagate a wrong way of communicating with God.  All long established religions are opium for people and maintained by the Mafia who keeps people in slavery and require, for example, the superiority of Men vis-a-vis Women.



Revolution 1917: As predicted by Marx and Engels, by the beginning of the 20th century, the Center of the Revolution moved to Russia. The leaders of the revolution were hoping for liberation from capitalism into a world of socialism via armed struggle




Left: Bolshevik by Kustodiev.    Right: Capturing the Winter palace during the Revolution

Above: Winter Palace - St.Petersburg (-Northern Palmira-)


By the same token, the members of the cult who were among these leaders wanted social freedom and liberation through death into light.  As they were liberating themselves socially, they were also able to liberate their souls.  This is why they (believed so firmly that Dark onto Light was the solution. Were Lenin and Stalin the members of the Cult? The secret is hidden in the highly classified archives of the former KGB.



LENIN                                    STALIN





Note the red star (symbol of the cult Dark into Light) above the picture of the Globe!


Modern Day: The communist party disbanded in 1991.  Followers of the sect in Russia believe they should be the superpower instead of the United States.  By worshipping Satan, they are hoping to overcome the failure of communism and gain the strength to become the strongest nation in the world.  By becoming the strongest nation, they-ll be able to influence a wider range of people in hopes of making the world a better place. 





Immediately after the collapse of the Soviet Union while the country was in the state of a temporary anarchy, several researchers of Dark Into Light- three from Russia, one from Canada, and one from Germany got the access to previously classified archives of the Moscow and St.Petersburg libraries.  A couple of weeks afterwards the clearances were denied. None of these researchers survived.


The Russian State Library  (Российская государственная библиотека in Russian)

is the national library of Russia, located in Moscow. It is the largest in the country and one of the largest in the world.


                            19TH CENTURY                                       20TH CENTURY                                              NEW ENTRANCE


The Russian National Library in St Petersburg


is the oldest public library in Russia. It was established as the Imperial Public Library in 1795 by Catherine the Great, who inaugurated its collection with the domestic libraries of Voltaire and Diderot, which she had purchased from their heirs.

Both of these libraries contain the secret archives where the information about the cult is stored. However the most important classified information about the cult belongs to the former archives of the KGB.


                                                                                              KGB HEADQUARTERS







[1] Assyrians are a group of people whose origins lie in what is today Iraq, Iran, Turkey and Syria.  Their kingdom, Assyria, is believed to have been founded around 1900 B.C. by Bel-kap-kapu. Their East Semitic language is found written in cuneiform script which is an early written expression using pictographs written on clay tablets

[2] Ziggurats were temples common to ancient Mesopotamia.  These sacred platforms were believed to be dwelling places for the gods and only priests were allowed inside. 

[3] The use of the pentagram dates back to 3500BCE in ancient Mesopotamia with a meaning of "heavenly body." Later around 2600 BC, the symbol meant �heavenly quarter" or "direction". Even later, it was ascribed to Truth. 


[4] Ereshkigal is the supreme goddess of the underworld.  Together she and Nergal preside over -world of no return-.


[5] Heinrich Schliemann (January 6, 1822-December 26, 1890) was a German archeologist who found important sites during the Mycenaean Age, such as Troy, Mycenae and Tiryns


[6] Mycenae is an archaeological site in Greece, inhabited by Indo-Europeans around 2000B.C.  This period of Greek history from around 1600 B.C. to about 1100 B.C. is called the Mycenaean Age.


[7] Gaea is the Earth goddess in Greek mythology.  She mated with her son, Uranus, and produced the Titans. 


[8] Helladic III (1350 B.C) During this time, Mycenaean Greece flourished with influence from Minoan Crete.  They inscribed their pottery with syllabic script recognized as a form of Greek.  Acropolis and other hills were rebuilt, and monumental palaces were built. 


[9] Deus Sol Invictus (-the undefeated Sun God-) was set as the chief deity of the Roman Pantheon by Elagabalus.  A festival was held on December 25th called Dies Natalis Solis Invicti (-the birthday of the unconquered sun-). Several solar deities were worshiped including Elah-Gabal, Sol, and Mithras. Later under emperor Aurelian, it became an empire-wide holiday.